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As a foundation for so many authentic ethnic cuisines, U.S. rice offers the varieties you need to create endless menu possibilities. Best of all, inspired creations with rice are profitable, healthy and always on trend. Please download in PDF format the following brochures, which contain a wealth of information about U.S.-grown rice and foodservice recipes sure to excite your culinary team and delight your patrons.

Take a comprehensive look at the different types of rice available from the Golden State and how to best prepare them in sushi, paella, risotto and many other dishes.
Rice sustains two-thirds of the world’s population. It is the most popular grain globally, supplying energy, complex carbohydrates, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals and beneficial antioxidants. Find out how rice fits healthy lifestyles, what makes rice naturally nutritious and why rice eaters eat better.
Culinary professionals from around the country were asked to provide their best rice recipes based on three criteria: they had to be quick, easy and contain only five main ingredients or less. Key winning recipes include: Greek Rice-Stuffed Tomatoes, Savory Spinach and Rice Casserole, Creamy Blue Cheese Rice with Spinach and Walnuts, and Tangy Tomato and Lemon Risotto.
To meet the ever-evolving consumer eating habits - delis are changing. This comprehensive brochure offers display suggestions, tips for promoting rice, health information and ideas for meeting your customers’ demands for bold new flavors and healthy nutrition options. Key recipes include: Floridian Citrus Rice Salad, Minted Brown Rice Tabbouleh Salad, and Tokyo Rice.
Rice Bowls are a smart, nutritious choice for your school lunch program. Find out how this new menu item can promote healthful eating habits and is easy to implement in your operation. Key recipes include: Sweet-and-Sour Bowl, Chili Bowl, Pizza Bowl, and Huevos Breakfast Bowl.
Rice Bowls are one of today’s hottest trends in foodservice menuing. Find out everything you need to know about this easy-to-prepare, profitable menu item. Key recipes include: Indian-Style Bowl, Southern BBQ Bowl, Vegetarian Bowl, and Apple Walnut Breakfast Bowl.
SYSCO chefs from across the U.S. rose to our challenge with dozens of innovative entries proving that rice is ideal for foodservice today. Key winning recipes include: Dungeness Crab Fried Rice, Cardamom Saffron Rice Pudding, Smoked Salmon Rice Salad with Apple Vinaigrette, and Mediterranean Rice with Feta, Mint & Olives.
A helpful resource for learning about the benefits and characteristics of different U.S. rice varieties. See for yourself what makes each variety unique and experience the unlimited menu possibilities of rice with our suggested culinary uses for short, medium and long grain rice.
U.S. rice’s versatility, consistency and high-quality make it an essential ingredient in foodservice, and a vital commodity in America and abroad. Learn more in this informative brochure that explains economy and trade, rice types and characteristics, preparation methods, storage and more.
Get your students excited about U.S.-grown rice with this fun filled workbook for 4th-6th graders. Educational puzzles, games and surprising facts explain the history and science of rice, nutrition and healthy eating, how rice goes from the farm to the table and more. Recipes and kid friendly cooking instructions included!
Get cooking with U.S.-grown rice in your school kitchen. In one handy reference guide, USA Rice compiled everything you need to know to make perfect rice for your students. No matter which type of rice or equipment your school kitchen uses, you’ll find the answers here. We've also included delicious rice recipes that meet child nutrition program requirements for grains in school meals.